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Mid-Autumn Festival, warm heart, love in the nursing home

2018-09-17 12:04:53 huayuan Read

In order to carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, "respecting the old, respecting the old, loving the old", on the morning of the Mid-Autumn Festival, on the morning of September 15, organized by the Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee, relevant leaders and charities of the various functional departments of the Administrative Committee Entrepreneurs and his entourage, driving more than 100 kilometers, came to Shuiyun Village, Daruoyan Town, Yongjia County to visit and sympathize with the elderly in the nursing home, and send warm greetings, care and holiday greetings to the elderly.


Zhejiang Huayuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. condolences to the Shuiyun Village Nursing Home and condolences to more than 70 people. Entrusted by the chairman of the company, Yin Nengbo, the director of personnel administration, had a cordial exchange with the elderly in the nursing home to understand their living and physical condition in the nursing home, and sent them holiday gifts such as moon cakes. Old people are holding gifts, and happy smiles are on their faces. "Thank you very much, your arrival, let us feel really warm." Shuiyun Village elderly people said with a smile.


Yin Nengbo said: "These widowed elderly and left-behind elderly people will be lonely in the nursing home. As a company, Huayuan has always been very enthusiastic about charity and public welfare. With the development of the company, the corporate social responsibility is also increasing, within the scope of its ability. Inside, we try our best to repay the society. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, we do our meager efforts. On behalf of the company, I will give them some warmth, let them know that there are many people in this society who care about them, help them, and hope more people. Caring companies can care for and care for the lives of the elderly, so that the elderly can be old and have fun."