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Thanksgiving, innovation and win-win

2017-10-19 09:00:24 huayuan Read

——Our company was invited to participate in Chongqing Yanfeng Andou extension business management concept sharing

        On June 6th, 2017, our company was invited by Chongqing Yanfeng Andou Tuo Auto Parts System Co., Ltd. (CQADNT). The Executive Director of the company, You Chengwu, took the team to participate in the training activities of the “Share of the company's operation and management system” as a supplier. Representatives shared the company's management philosophy and company development experience./p>


        This training, organized by Chongqing Yanfeng Andou Tuo Auto Parts System Co., Ltd., attracted a total of 45 senior managers from 29 suppliers across the country. This training includes the Ando Topo BOS System and the AMS System Introduction. , "CI continuous improvement culture", "human resources management system and corporate culture", "product safety management" and other important courses. Zhejiang Huayuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., as a strategic supplier of Chongqing Yanfeng Andouto, shared the experience of operating management as a supplier representative and won everyone's unanimous praise.

        At the time of sharing experience, Yu expressed his thanks to CQADNT for his help and support to Huayuan in the past 14 years. Huayuan has grown from the earliest dozens of employees and small-scale enterprises with sales of several million yuan to large-scale non-standard fastener companies with annual sales exceeding 400 million yuan and nearly 500 employees this year as a strategic supplier of CQADNT. During the period can not be separated from CQADNT strong support and meticulous training.


        When sharing the concept of corporate management, we always emphasize that the concept of technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, sustainable development and social responsibility to be undertaken are our core values; we focus on non-standard fasteners for automotive interior and exterior decoration. Seat lock customization and development, providing reliable connection and fastening solutions to meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations is our service concept. Product is the character, only "face the gap, complement each other", "continuous improvement, excellence", the company can achieve sustainable development, in order to be everlasting, in order to take up the appropriate social responsibility.

        A person walks quickly, a group of people go far! Our support and support from our customers and suppliers who have common ideas and trust are the lasting driving force for our continuous progress and continuous improvement, and our long-term confidence in pursuing excellence and being at the highest level. We have such a total Win the platform and add confidence and gratitude. Huayuan will continue to improve and strive to be an excellent supplier of professional auto parts that customers can trust!