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Outstanding employees commend the conference

2017-10-19 09:00:35 huayuan Read

        On February 25, 2017, Zhejiang Huayuan Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. organized and organized

        2016 Outstanding Staff Recognition Conference. Conscientiously summing up the achievements made in the past year, looking for deficiencies in work, planning a new year's work, and commending and rewarding outstanding employees who have emerged in business management, love, respect, and dedication in the past year, have achieved fruitful results. In the days, Huayuan people gathered here to share joy and imagine a better tomorrow.


        The meeting was chaired by Yin Nengbo, director of personnel administration. Tang Peng, general manager of the company's development for the past year to carry out a comprehensive, objective, fair and fair summary, but also proposed the company's 2017 development plan, depicting the company's beautiful blueprint. Seeking truth from facts and building high buildings make us all feel the bright prospects of the company and strengthen our confidence and determination to overcome difficulties.


        In 2016, the outstanding employees were awarded the honorary titles of "Huayuan Star" and "excellent employee" by 21 employees such as Pan Chenhong through democratic appraisal, department recommendation, comprehensive assessment by the Personnel Administration Department, and general manager office meeting.

        Huayuan Star: Pan Chenhong

        Outstanding staff: Dong Wu, Chen Shiliang, Rao Qinhua, Shu Junjian, Wang Teng, Wang Chunyu, Liu Yaqing, Zhou Hua, Li Min, Jian Xiaoqing, Huang Zhenyan, Zeng Liping, Wang Cuilan, Hong Dongsheng, Lu Junhong, Lian Guoguo, Zhang Fen, Qiu Yongmei, Tu Weirong, Chen Jianmei.

        Tang Peng’s general manager called on all employees to follow the example of excellent employees, vigorously promote the lofty quality and excellent work style of love, professionalism, dedication, unity and cooperation, strive to implement the company’s core values, and continuously make new and greater contributions to the development of the company. !


        The chairman of the company, Jiang Xiaofei, made a concluding speech. Jiang Dong used “thankfulness, gratitude, and gratitude” to express his gratitude to the outstanding employees' representatives and the entire Huayuan family for their contributions to the company in the past year. At the same time, Jiang Dong also encouraged everyone to work and live in a hard-working attitude, work hard, and work hard. We will progress a little bit each day and begin to move toward excellence. We will innovate a little bit every day and start to lead. We will do more every day and start to succeed!